Who We Are?


Established as a manning and ship management company, PHILSYNERGY MARITIME INC. (PSMI) embarked on its journey on March 29, 2007 with three state of the art vessels owned by Nissen Company. The manning operations commenced upon securing the POEA license on August 3, 2007. Thereafter, vessels manned increased gradually and subsequently, ship management started its operations upon acquiring its Ship Management Business Registration from MARINA on  January 24, 2008. In year 2008, PSMI focused as a manning agency. Currently, the company forecasts a promising future at par with local and international competitors as it continues to increase its number of operational vessels, acquire international accreditations, diversify and develop its human resources, and give superior stability to its shareholders. 


PHILSYNERGY MARITIME INC. is a world class professional organization providing best-in-class crewing services

PHILSYNERGY MARITIME INC. is committed to provide highly qualified and hardworking individuals to our clients and equal opportunity and compensation to our employees. 

PHILSYNERGY MARITIME INC. is committed to deliver services to the utmost satisfaction of our customers while satisfying applicable requirements and ensuring continual improvement of our quality management system.  

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