Certificate of Proficiency (COP) and Certificate of Competency(COC) fees are now lowered.

According to Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) Facebook page posted last May 16, 2022, the fees for the Certificate of Proficiency (COP) and Certificate of Competency(COC) are slashed effective May 16, 2022 through the MARINA Memorandum Circular SC-2022-02.

The MARINA also reminds the applicants of the following details:

a. Previously filed applications that are still being subjected to evaluation, may it be under Online or Final Evaluation status and other pending applications, that require resubmission of documents, once approved, shall be charged based on the existing (old) fees.

b. Seafarers who wanted to avail of the new fees are advised to cancel their existing applications and re-apply. This will however entail a slight delay as the application will pass through the same process.

source: https://www.facebook.com/DOTrMARINAPH

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